Thomas Gunther’s Work Resume

Quick Overview of Thomas Gunther’s Musical Activities

Thomas Gunther is a contemporary pianist, composer, arranger & orchestrator, music producer, and music educator.
He is the founder of his Chicago based company Thomas Gunther Music Services, and several websites devoted to music education such as Music Training,, and  

Thomas’ Career in Chicago

Born and raised in Germany, Thomas moved to Chicago in 1997 shortly after receiving his Master’s Degree in teaching and performing jazz and popular music (with emphasis on piano/keyboard performance) from State University for the Performing Arts in Stuttgart/Germany.
Thomas began his life and career in Chicago by studying sound engineering. Within the first semester already he was offered (and accepted) the role as the pianist for the acclaimed Chicago Jazz Ensemble, led by composer/arranger William Russo (Music Director of the Stan Kenton Orchestra).

Thomas Produced many CD’s under his name throughout his career.

He produced several CD’s since he moved to Chicago, with some of the finest musicians the city has to offer, among them trumpeter, composer and leader of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Orbert Davis.

Instructor at Columbia College Chicago

In addition to his role with the ensemble, Thomas was also offered a teaching position at Columbia College Chicago where he has been heavily involved in shaping the curriculum for the Contemporary Urban Music Program, designing syllabi for courses such as Pop/Jazz Theory, Pop Arranging and Orchestration, Pop/Jazz Keyboards, and Fundamentals of Arranging. He is also teaching Technology for Musicians, and pop-jazz piano/keyboard private lessons at the College and outside the College. 
In Addition Thomas served as the ambassador for the student exchange program with the Pop Academy in Manheim, Germany.

Gary Yerkins about Thomas
(Director of Urban Music Program, Columbia College Chicago)

“Thomas has been an effective, versatile and passionate teacher in our Contemporary, Urban and Popular Music program for the past 12 years. Having served on the development committee for the program, Thomas was able to apply his insights into the unique needs of our curriculum in developing key courses for our upper-level students. In particular, Thomas created the syllabi and instructional content for Pop/Jazz Theory and Pop/Jazz Arranging and Orchestration, both courses which helped define and deliver the unique materials, skills and language necessary to our BMus students. Thomas brings an enormous amount of passion to his classroom, and has developed extensive written and media-based instructional materials for these and other classes. Whether engaging with our most advanced students, or teaching more the elemental levels of music core classes, he works hard to educate and inspire. Thomas has been and continues to be a key member of our team.”