Krisch-Gunther Duo

(Hier geht’s zur deutschen Version)

Photo of the Krisch-Gunther Duo

Welcome to the Krisch/Gunther Duo, featuring Dizzy Krisch on vibes and Thomas Gunther (alias Thommy Günther) on piano.

Dizzy Krisch and Thomas Gunther have already performed several concerts together in the United States where Mr. Krisch was featured with the Thomas Gunther Jazz Band in and around Chicago. The two native Germans liked working together so much that they decided to give birth to the Krisch/Gunther Duo.

Click on the videos below to listen to the duo.

Thommy’s Boogie (Boogie for Oscar) by Thomas Gunther

The Dizzy Krisch and Thomas Gunther Duo performing Boogie For Oscar

Live in Tübingen-Germany

Krisch Gunther Duo Live in Tuebingen, Germany - "American Jazz - Made in Germany"