Exporting Parts as Audio Files in Finale (Training Video included)

In this video I demonstrate how to export Finale parts as audio files. Once you exported them as audio files you can import them into your favorite DWS program for further manipulation.

Why would one want to export the parts from a Finale score as audio files?

Finale is known primarily for its rich music notation features. Unfortunately, many users are unaware that Finale has also a very sophisticated and unique audio engine called Human Playback. What it does is very different from a midi sequencer. The idea is that the human playback engine interprets the music in a musical way similarly to how a musician does it. This is discussed in more detail in the post Why You Want to Use Finale for Playback.
The point I am trying to make is that Finale’s audio playback of e.g. a string score can actually sound very musical, in fact, much more musical than a sequencer program does. This is because it interprets many things like dynamics, articulations, bowing instructions, tremolos, trills, fermatas, phrasing, text expressions, in a humanized fashion.

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3 Replies to “Exporting Parts as Audio Files in Finale (Training Video included)”

    1. Good question. I think it depends on what horn section plugins you use in your DAW. Logic Pro just released a fantastic pop horn section plugin called studio horns that is far superior to Finale’s Garritan sounds. I recommend that if you have Logic, export your Finale horn section as XML and import this into Logic.

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