Imagine by John Lennon – My Solo Piano Version

What this post is about

I love the song Imagine by John Lennon; not only because it is a musical master piece, but the lyrics are so deep and inspiring!

So I thought I’d make it into an instrumental version for solo piano, and attach a little message to it. That’s how the idea of the video was born. John’s lyrics are the perfect message for Donald Trump. I explain it in detail below, but you may want to first watch the video. It is pretty self-explanatory.

Learn how I arranged the song Imagine for Solo Piano

In case you are a keyboardist who wants to learn how I arranged this song I have good news for you: I posted an article on my blog at with the sheet music where I show you the arranging techniques I used to creat my piano solo version.

But before you head over there, please read on if you are at all interested in the political context I put this song in.

Imagine – A Message for Donald Trump

Why this song is more relevant than ever today

John’s song (written almost 30 years ago) could have been written today as a message to Donald Trump.
Because the world John invisions in his song “Imagine” couldn’t be more different from the world Donald Trump represents. John sings about his vision of a unified peaceful and all inclusive world “No Possessions…, …No Countries (no country = no boarders)…, Sharing All The World…, about Brotherhood and Peace”.  
Contrary to that Trump is all about possessions and isolationism, strongly focused on creating a disconnected world ruled by self-centered leaders who all fight for themselves while taking advantage of the less privileged.

 Thank you John for this wonderful and timeless song!
And peace to all of us!