Tracye Eileen & Thomas Gunther

Here you learn all about my most recent arranging and music production work I did for the amazing jazz and r&b vocalist Tracye Eileen.

Check out the video below to hear what Tracye says about working with me on her new CD YOU HIT THE SPOT

Jazz Vocalist Tracye Eileen Talks About Arranger/Producer Thomas Gunther

This was fun!

Let me tell you, this was an incredibly fun musical project, one of those jobs you live for as a musician.
Not only did singer and executive producer Tracye Eileen give me a lot of creative freedom in how to arrange the music for her (more about the process later), but she also allowed me to hire some of Chicago’s finest musicians to record it at Transient Studio Chicago.
To top it all, the music was mixed by grammy award winning sound engineer Alan Litten from Nashville, who made sure the mix sounds beautiful.

About Arranging the Music

Tracye asked me to arrange and produce 3 jazz standards for her new CD, with the objective of making it sound like a classic jazz big band.
Due to budget limitations I had to accomplish this with only 3 horn players + rhythm section. A challenging task, indeed!
Although we had only 3 horn players in the studio, I arranged the music for 6 horns. This meant that two of the horn players (trumpet + sax) had to overdub the remaining 3 horn parts. It worked out great.

(Check out the videos below to hear me talk about the project, and also hear some of the music. I will post a link to the CD here as soon as it becomes available.)

Arranger Thomas Gunther About His Work for Tracye Eileen's New CD YOU HIT THE SPOT