Das Meer (The Sea) – an original song by Thomas Gunther

About the song Das Meer (The Sea)

I wrote the song Das Meer as part of the accompanying music to a text by Oscar Wild called “The Young King”. The Song “Das Meer” (The Sea) describes the sea in all its different facets. I finally found the time to record it and create this video.

Composing music in the style of Debussy and other composers of the impressionistic period is an exception for me. I am much more at home in more jazz influenced styles and genre. This said, most contemporary jazz pianists are or at least have been influenced by the classical repertory of the past 300 years for good reason.
“Das Meer” is written out note by note, from start to finish. In that it is different from how I usually compose and arrange music. Often I give the performer(s) the possibility to improvise between written out parts.

Maybe one day I will add an improvisational section to it. Or use the different sections as a source for improvising variations instead of playing them as written. Music is a living and breathing art after all.

View or download my original sheet music for Das Meer below for free.

Should you ever decide to perform the piece I would love for you to forward me a link to the audio or video of the recording.
And I encourage you to interpret the music in your own way. Can’t wait to hear what you do with it.

Das Meer (The Sea) - Composed and Performed by Thomas Gunther

About creating the video

Creating the video was also a lot of fun. I love working with graphics. Many concepts of the visual arts are similar to composing music. Maybe I should not deal with it given the amount of time it takes just learning all the software. But hey, I have fun with it, and save a ton of money. I also believe that somehow it will improve the way I create music. The brain works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it!

By Thomas Gunther

Thomas Gunther (known in Germany a Thommy Günther) is a jazz pianist and contemporary keyboardist, composer & song writer, arranger & orchestrator, music producer, and educator of contemporary music genre and styles. Originally from Germany, he lives in Chicago IL, USA. He has been an active member of the Chicago music scene for over 20 years, a professor of music at Columbia College Chicago, and creator of PopJazzKeys.com, TipsForPianists.com, MusicTrainingOnline.com. He is an expert in music notation using Finale (by Makemusic) and produces and records music with Logic Pro x (Apple, inc).

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