Notation Services Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials about Thomas Gunther’s Music Notation Services

Orbert DavisComposer/Director of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic

“Thomas is fast, efficient and reliable.  He understands my mission as a composer and always brings passion to my scores!”

“Thanks again Thomas for a fantastic job on preparing the music for the last concert!” “…you are a great asset to me!”

Kevin Cole – Concert Pianist/Arranger

“Thanks Thomas for all the beautiful work you do for me.”

Legendary Songwriter Irving Berlin about Kevin:
Kid, if I could play like that, I would never have become a songwriter!

Ryan Cohan – Jazz Composer/Pianist

“Thomas, the work you did… [preparing my scores and parts for the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra] …really made a difference in the project – the music was very clear allowing the rehearsal time to be used as efficiently as possible. Thanks again.”

Scott HallMusic Director of the Chicago Jazz Ensemble

“Thomas, your piece was one of the best. In fact, you went beyond our expectations and wrote a truly wonderful suite depicting Hard Bop and Bebop just as we asked you to.”

This commend refers to my original composition I was hired to write for the Chicago Jazz Ensemble directed by artistic director Jon Faddis.