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What Kind of Song is it?

The Swing Fever Song could be described as SWING MEETS JUMP-BLUES! It  has a nice medium fast tempo (164 beats/minute) which is great for swing dancers of all levels. The song was written for 14 horns, 10 vocalists, and an extended rhythm section. I just know you’re gonna love dancing to it!

A Song for Swing Dancers

I wrote this song first and foremost for all you wonderful swing dancers out there. I’m sure you all remember the time when you first stepped on the dance floor and learned your first moves. As much as it was embarrassing at first it was also exciting and fun, and soon you couldn’t think about anything else, right? You practiced in the elevator, while cooking, at work, etc. You caught the “swing fever”.

When you can think of nothing but dancing all night,
you may have a dangerous virus inside.
I’m sorry but their’s no known cure for it,
it burns like fire and it lives in your feet.

It’s the swing fever that keeps you dancing all through the night.

It makes you feel dizzy and nervous all day,
you’re down on your knees but it won’t go away.
You can’t function at all, can’t take it no more,
and all you wanna do is swinging out on the floor.

It’s the swing fever…


The Birth of the Swing Fever Song

My original idea was simply to write an original swing song for swing dancers. I wanted to record it with my trio and a singer and maybe one or two horns. But as I started working on it, I got more and more ideas about how I wanted the song to sound. In the end I wrote a score for 8 singers, 13 horns, 3 guitars, organ, piano, bass and drums.

About the Musicians

In order to ensure the song really swung and sounded great I was determined to hire some of the most talented musicians Chicago had to offer. Among them were Daniel Anderson (bass), George Fludas (drums), Sarah Marie Young ( female ensemble vocals), Victor Garcia (trumpets), Steve Eisen (tenor and baritone saxes), Andy Baker (bones), Andrew Distel (male ensemble vocals), and Joel Patterson (rhythm & solo guitar). I reserved the right to perform the piano and organ parts for myself.

link to the musicians who played on the Swing-Fever-Song

The Sound Engineers and Sound Studios

If you want to make a great record you need to have great sound engineers and recording equipment (sound studio). I couldn’t have been happier with the work my engineers have done for me!

sound engineers that worked on the Swing Fever Song

My Love for Swing Dancing

I fell in love with swing dancing the first time I saw it done live in a Chicago bar called Liquid in 1998. (Click here to read what the Chicago Tribune wrote in 1998 about Liquid and swing dancing.) Walking into the club felt like traveling back in time to the late 30’s. Practically everyone was wearing cool vintage clothing from the swing era. Just like in the old days they had pretty cigarette girls, and the servers looked like they had been hired by Al Capone himself.  There was live music nightly and the place was packed even on a Monday or Tuesday night. Everybody had the SWING FEVER. This was the time when dancing to swing music became popular all over again and swing revival was at its peek. Practically everyone who walked into the bar for the first time signed up for swing dance lessons because no one wanted to look like a fool out there; and what better way is there to impress a girl (or a boy for that matter) than by showing off some cool moves out on the dance floor. It was a great time. New swing and jump blues bands were put together to accommodate the need for live music of a fast growing swing dancer community.

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