Pricing Questions

Before hiring The Thomas Gunther Trio or The Thomas Gunther Trio (Plus), you certainly want to know how much it would cost you.

Questions for Price Estimate

By answering as many questions as possible from the list below in your e-mail to me, you will greatly help me determine how much the band will cost you.

Please consider including your phone number in your email so we can talk on the phone or text each other, which is usually a much better and quicker way to communicate.

Here are the questions:

  • What kind of event is it (wedding, birthday, concert, etc)?
  • What kind of music are you looking for? (background music, dance music, concert music, etc)
  • What instrumentation do you envision?
    Usually we perform as a jazz trio (piano, bass, drums), but any of the following combinations are also possible:
    [trio + singer],
    [trio + horn player],
    [trio + singer + horn player],
    [trio + singer + horn section].
    You may also choose to hire us as a duo ( piano + any of the following: bass, vocals, sax, trumpet, violin)
    , or solo piano
  • Where is the event (city, address, and name of venue)?
  • When is your event (exact date, start time)?
  • Is there free parking?
  • How long is the performance (include possible breaks)?
  • How many guests do you expect?
  • Is there an acoustic piano in very good condition?
  • What is your budget?

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