Thomas Gunther’s Live Music Entertainment

Music for Private or Public Events

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1. Music entertainment for Private Events

• Swing Dance Events
• Weddings
• Privat Parties
• Receptions

Recommended Bands:

• Thomas Gunther Solo Piano
Perfect for quiet background music (see repertory list)

Thomas Gunther Duo
piano + vocals or one additional instrument (bass, sax, flute, or violin)
by adding an additional instrument or a vocalist, you enhance the optical and musical impression you want to give your event.

Thomas Gunther Trio

• Build Your Dream Band (we put together the perfect band for you)

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2. Concert Events for listening purposes

• Jazz Clubs
•Concert Halls

•Open Air

Recommended Bands

Thomas Gunther Trio Plus (expendable upon request)

• Thomas Gunther’s Taste of Chicago Band

Spicy Jazz Adventure