Peace To The Middle East – An Original Song By Thomas Gunther

Click on the image to play the song.
Peace-To-The-Middle-East Song

The Peace To The Middle East song is dedicated to all the victims of those horrible wars fought over the past several decades in the Middle East. I intent to create a video that goes along with it.

For those of you who are interested in the production side of things I will have a “the making of” video ready for you soon. By the way, everything (with the exception of the drums) was performed and recorded by me with Logic 9 and Logic Pro X. Special thanks to drummer Tom HipskindĀ for doing such a great job playing and recording the drum tracks.

Listen to the song for free here.

Author: musicontime

Thomas Gunther is a pianist, composer, arranger, orchestrator, music educator, that moved to Chicago in 1997. He is founder and director of Music On Time, a company that offers music services.

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