Thomas Gunther’s Music and CD’s

Below you find links to my cd’s that are available on cdbaby and iTunes.

You may also listen to some of my individual original songs and music productions on

Thomas Gunther’s Taste Of Chicago Band

Thommy Gunther's Taste of Chicago (Live) - Thomas Gunther
Thomas Gunther: Thommy Gunther

The Windy City – Featuring Orbert Davis (trumpet) and Peter Lehel (tenor sax)

The Windy City - Thomas Gunther & Peter Lehel
Thomas Gunther & Peter Lehel: The Windy City

Thomas Gunther Trio Plus – Swingin’ Big at Willowbrook – A Tribute to Swing Dancers

Swingin' Big at Willowbrook - Thomas Gunther Trio Plus
Thomas Gunther Trio Plus: Swingin