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How music fits into my life

I am a musician, and I don’t mean this just as a simple job description. Music is what motivates and excites me; it influences every aspect of my life.
Music accompanies me through the best and worst times. For example, when I was just 13 years old my father died. I was obviously shattered. Music gave me something to focus on and overcome this unbearably pain.

It was also my love for American music that drove me away from my home country Germany to find a new home in Chicago (read more about why I moved to Chicago).

Bottom line: Music is such an important aspect of my life that if you asked me, “Who Are You?”, I might very well answer you first with “I am a musician”, before telling you anything else about me.

Without Music,

life would be 
a mistake.

Friedrich Nietzsche
(German philosopher)

The person behind the music

Question: Can a person’s character be revealed through her/his work?
Many believe that an artists offer their listeners a window into their soul through their music, at least when it’s the kind of music they truly love.
For example, song writers generally choose to write about stories that are very personal to them.
Frank Sinatra was singing his favorite songs with such conviction, that many people thought songs like New York, New York and My Way were written by or for him, which they were not, of course.

I believe that every true artist reveals something about themselves in their work.
The question then is: can we separate the artist from his or her music? Well, I think we can not, at least not entierly. To get a complete picture of a person’s character, we need to really get to know that person.