Build Your Dream Band

We let you put the perfect band together for your reception, party, wedding, etc.

Build Your Dream Band

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What it does for you

  • it puts you in control, 
  • it saves you money, 
  • it helps you to get precisely the band you are looking for.

How does it work?

You first choose the instrumentation for your event. You can start with a basic band and add people to it as you see fit, or put your own instrumentation together.

Lets say you have a 4 hour event and are looking for music entertainment. Your event consists of 4 segments: the reception, dinner, and  dance party.

For the reception you would like only a pianist, for dinner a nice jazz trio, and for the last two hours a band that can rock the house.

Here is how I will save you lots of money!

For the above described event you would usually hire 3 different entertainments. Not with me. Instead of having to bring in different musicians for each event segment, I keep the same core musicians throughout the night and simply add the necessary personal. This saves you a ton of money.

Let Me Give You an Example

Let’s take the above example: I would start out with solo piano for the reception, then bring in a jazz bassist and a drummer to play soft dinner music (jazz, latin, smooth jazz, etc), and for the dance segment I replace the jazz bass player with a singer, and add an additional keyboarder who also plays guitar and sings so your guests can dance to great motown, r&b, and other pop songs at the end.

Summing up the goodies

Less musicians, less costs
Less musicians, less space needed
Less musicians, maximum variety of musical genre



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